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Gain Three Months a Year!

We can help you redeem one week every month for you to focus on your business. At the end of a year, that amounts to three months. That's exactly what our 40-hour retainer program can do for you. Think of all the things you can accomplish in those three months, while we handle the administrative challenges for you. And best of all, since we work exclusively with real estate professionals, you can rest assured that we know our stuff!




Rates and Payment Policy

How much does it cost?  Less than you might think. Outsourcing work to Go2REassistant means you only pay for the services and the actual hours worked. Our rates are competitive and offer a better value over the cost of traditional employees. Because we are an independent contractor, you are not required to pay employer taxes or benefits.

Go2REassistant responds to your varying business needs�whether you require long-term assistance or occasional help, you pay only for the time worked. Every project is as unique as you are; we have provided a general guideline for our hourly rates. For a specific project quote please give us a call.




Hourly Rate Service Rate

A negotiable hourly rate is available for general administrative support; however, our hourly fee range from $25 to $35 per hour depending on the service required. Special rates are available for clients who wish to have a retainer agreement in place as well as discounts for non-profit organizations and military (this includes retired military personnel who are now business owners!). Every client is billed only for the time worked. All time spent on your project is tracked in quarter-hour increments using TraxTime. Clients will also be charged for incidental costs such as custom stationery, postage, postcards, long distance telephone fees, faxing, shipping or other mailing charges. An itemized invoice will be provided.

One-time project fees are based on the complexity of project and the estimated time that it would take to complete the work you require. In addition, a minimum two hours will be charged for one-time projects. A deposit of 50% is required and must be paid in advance prior to commencing work. The final balance is due upon completion of the project and prior to delivery of completed work.

For clients considering a partnership with us, Go2REassistant offers a free one-hour trial period to see if we are a fit for your business. We have found that this is a great way for both sides to get a feel for how the other works. The client will also get a general sense of the benefits that partnering with a VA can provide.

Contact us to discuss your needs in detail. The general guideline for virtual assistant services, desktop publishing, and web site design and development is at the right.

Word Processing


$35 per hour

(Minimum two hours for one-time projects)



Database Entry

File conversion

OCR Scanning

Website Maintenance


$50 per hour

(Minimum two hours for one-time projects)

Desktop Publishing

PowerPoint Presentations

Digital Photography & Editing
Small Business/Personal Website Design

Priced by Project




Retainer Plans

Retainer plan agreements are used for those clients that utilize Go2REassistant on an ongoing basis and require a set amount of hours each month. Retainers can also be used when you need Go2REassistant to perform a variety of different services; for example, if your work requires 50% of the time doing general administrative work and the other 50% doing desktop publishing and web updates, then purchasing a retainer will help lock in at a set amount.

With our retainer plans, the client pays in advance to reserve a specified number of hours which guarantees a discounted hourly rate and a set amount of time blocked in advance. The discounted hourly rate is based on the number of hours you choose. Please note that these hours are reserved for your exclusive use and we turn other clients down in order to ensure our availability.

All clients on a retainer plan agree to a minimum 3-month agreement and a minimum of 10 hours per month with a 30-day termination notice. All retainer payments are due in advance. If you choose to be on a retainer plan, the hours.are yours until they are used.

There are four Retainer Plan Levels:

4         Plan 1 : 10 hours  = $400 ($40/hour for all tasks)

4         Plan 2 : 20 hours = $760 ($38/hour for all tasks)

4         Plan 3 : 30 hours = $1110 ($37/hour for all tasks)

4         Plan 4 : 40 hours = $1400 ($35/hour for all tasks)

Contact us today and we will work out a retainer structure for you and your business.




Special Projects

 Go2REassistant can provide quotations for special projects and website design and development based on estimated time and complexity of the project. We will include all known incidental costs associated with the project in the estimate. Keep in mind that an estimate is based on information received and that final pricing will be based on the actual time and costs incurred. A 50% deposit is required on all assignments prior to work being started. The final balance is due upon completion of the project and prior to delivery of completed work.




Office Hours

 Go2REassistant serves clients across the continental United States. Our hours of operation are from 8am-5pm CST Monday through Friday, enabling us to leverage the time differences within these areas. Unless otherwise agreed upon, we are not available outside of these hours.

After Hour/Weekend/Emergency Services

After hours, weekend and emergency services are available, but will require an additional 25 percent markup charge.


There will be times when the  Go2REassistant office will be unreachable; however, prior notice will be given to clients.  Go2REassistant office will be closed to observe the following holidays: New Year's Day, Dr. Martin Luther King Day, President's Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, 911 Memorial Day, Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas.

Contact Info

The  Go2REassistant office will make every attempt to remain available to our clients at all times during business hours. Clients are free to contact Go2REassistant by any of the methods below:

Direct: 334-320-7486

Fax: 334-460-9911

E-Mail: Sherry@Go2REassistant.com




Invoicing & Payment Policy

4      A signed contract outlining details of the project is required before work is to begin. The contract outlines all the details so that there is no confusion of what is expected by both parties.

4      Hourly rates are billed in quarter hour increments. A 50% deposit is required on all assignments prior to work being started. The client will receive an itemized invoice via e-mail/fax upon completion of the project  The final balance is due upon completion of the project and prior to delivery of completed work.

4      An additional fee may be incurred for "Rush" services.

4      Clients will be charged for incidental costs such as stationery, postcards, postage, outside printing services, shipping or other mailing/delivery charges. An itemized invoice will be provided.

4      Go2REassistant offers discounts to non-profit organization and military.

4      Clients on a retainer plan will be invoiced via e-mail/fax for their monthly retainer on the 15th day of each month, with payment due by the 1st day of the following month. Please note that these hours are reserved for your exclusive use and we turn other clients down in order to ensure our availability. 

4      Clients on a retainer plan will be invoiced via e-mail/fax on the last day of each month, with payment due by the 10th day of the following month. An itemized invoice with total hours and expenses will be provided. Go2REassistant uses TraxTime software to accurately track time spent per project.

4      Unused retainer fees are non-refundable; however we will gladly provide additional services to cover the unused amount.

4       Go2REassistant accepts checks, PayPal, credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover) via PayPal and money orders. For more information visit www.PayPal.com.

4      Clients will receive a 10% discount on balances if paid before the 5th day of each month.

4      A 15% late charge will be added for all payments received after the 15th.

4      There will be a $25 return check fee.



Encouraging and enabling our clients to focus on their talents, abilities and natural strengths while using ours.

"We each have different gifts, according to the grace given us." ROMANS 12:6

There is nothing more encouraging than to discover your purpose, your area of calling, and begin to really focus on it!

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